Barking! Dog owner spends $50,000 on dog wedding

The bride wore a white dress decorated with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and accessorized with a pearl necklace.

And as she trotted into the room to the wedding march, played by a harpist, she was met by the groom, smartly dressed in a tuxedo.

Afterwards, 80 guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet in a marquee adorned with $8,000 of flowers, balloons and decorations.

But this was no ordinary wedding. The happy couple were two pampered dogs who were married in a ceremony costing an extraordinary $50,000.

The event was planned by the bride’s owner, Louise Harris, 32, who dotes on six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Lola and wanted to find her a partner to stop her getting lonely.

‘I wanted Lola to have the perfect day,’ said Miss Harris, who owns a dog boutique and grooming parlour near her two-bedroom flat.

‘It was meant to be a relatively small affair with 30 guests but the list just kept getting bigger and bigger because I didn’t want to leave anyone out – just like most weddings, I guess.

‘The day was perfect from start to finish and Lola loved being the centre of attention all day.’

Miss Harris ran an online competition to find the perfect partner for Lola, as the dog’s younger siblings Lulu, four, and Larry, two, are very close and often ignore her.

She received hundreds of responses, whittled them down to a shortlist of six, and after a series of meetings found Lola’s favourite was Mugly – a Chinese crested dog who was voted ugliest hound in 2005.

For the couple’s first date, Miss Harris took Lola to visit Mugly and his owner, mother-of-four Bev Nicholson.

Miss Harris said: ‘They do say opposites attract and they played happily together all day. I thought he was the perfect husband for Lola.’ Next came three months of preparation – with the help of a wedding planner – before the ceremony and reception in September.

Lola’s $2,000 dress was created by dog clothes designer Michele Ochs. It was accompanied by Swarovski leg cuffs costing $550 and a $650 crystal lead.

Lulu was bridesmaid in a $200 dress and a $400 Swarovski crystal necklace, while Larry wore a $300 tuxedo in his role as page boy.

Mugly, meanwhile, got his more modest outfit from auction site eBay.

After the ceremony, dog and human food was laid on, including a six-foot chocolate fountain, and the dogs’ owners made speeches wishing the happy couple good luck for the future.

Despite the bond between the two pets, Miss Harris revealed they will have to learn to cope with a long-distance relationship as Mugly still lives with his owner and only gets to see Lola once a month.

‘Mugly is always sending Lola gifts and pictures of himself to make up for the times they are apart,’ said Miss Harris. ‘He sends her little presents.’

Miss Harris estimates she has spent more than $400,000 on her three dogs over the last six  years, including $56,000 on  clothes, collars and harnesses and $35,000 on a nanny when she is at work.

Miss Harris, who is single, added: ‘A lot of people think I’m mad, and I realise it’s completely over the top, but I want to give them the best life I possibly can.

‘I’m still exhausted after all the work I put in to Lola’s wedding!

‘It was a great day and we had a great time but I don’t want to do it again again time soon, so Lulu and Larry best not get any ideas!

‘My dogs are well cared for and are spoilt with love as well as presents so I don’t see anything wrong with spending so much on them.’

Every Friday Louise takes her dogs to have their personal weekly massages and deep coat conditioning treatments which has amounted to a whopping $30,560.

She has also spent $12,000 on beds and blankets, including custom made beds complete with initials in gold leaf and one with ostrich feather and finest faux fur, and cashmere blankets and pillows.

Each dog has their own ornate iron bowl costing a total of $1600, steps worth $1720 to allow them to get onto sofas, $16,000 worth of pet carriers, and $5,500 worth of hair accessories including two custom made tiaras with genuine pearls and Swarovski crystals costing $800 and $500.

She has also spent $15,000 on dog insurance, $5,000 on photography and $6,000 on an oil painting.

The dogs have also been treated to $10,000 of toys and treats and $10,000 spent on their birthday parties complete with birthday cakes costing $160 each!


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